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Seasons & Commitment

Atomic Swim League

At Atomic Swimming, we have evolved our swim program into the Atomic Swim League, offering a flexible, supportive, and engaging environment that nurtures continuous improvement and instills a love for swimming. We have retained our joyous summer league spirit across all our seasons without the burden of year-round commitments or excessive costs. Our transparent and flexible payment system ensures that you only pay for your time in the water, under the watchful guidance of our experienced coaches.


  1. Summer Fun Clinics (July to August): Embrace the thrill of competitive swimming during the warm summer months in our weekend Fun Clinics. These sessions gear you up for the upcoming Fall League. Swimmers registered for the Atomic Swim Fall League can attend the July clinics for free!

  2. Fall League (August to November): This season is perfect for those who wish to maintain and enhance their skills post-summer, culminating in a championship meet.

  3. Holiday Blast (November to December): A 3-week intensive program including special week training sessions during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays, finishing with a Championship meet.

  4. Winter Conditioning (January to March): A fantastic way to keep active during the colder months, with a focus on maintaining fitness and refining technique.

  5. Spring League (March to May): Shake off the winter chill and prepare for summer with this season, perfect for honing skills and building endurance.

  6. Summer League (May to June): Our original season, perfect for those who love to swim during the summer, leading to a grand championship meet.


Commitment & Registration

Enrolling in the Atomic Swim League is an investment in your swimming journey and a passport to our dynamic team. Your registration fee of $150 is not only a gateway to your membership but also grants you complimentary access to the July Swim League (valued at $180) and our Summer Fun Clinics. At Atomic Swimming, we're committed to a 'no swimming, no payment' principle. You only pay for the time spent actively swimming, ensuring maximum value for your investment.


We believe in transparency and value, contrasting traditional swim clubs that may impose hefty registration fees without a clear breakdown of their usage. With us, you'll always know what you're paying for.

In addition to our seasonal league program, we extend our offerings to include Small Group and Individual Instruction. These tailored sessions can be scheduled outside the regular league timeframe, providing an extra layer of flexibility and personalization.

Dive into the Atomic Swim League and embark on an exhilarating swimming journey with us. Together, let's make waves and elevate your swimming experience to new heights!

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