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At Atomic Swimming, we believe in transparency and fairness in all aspects, including our pricing. We have designed a simple and competitive pricing structure based on the value we deliver in every class. Our monthly pricing model is derived from per-class rates, ensuring that you only pay for the exceptional coaching you receive.

Sparklers (Elementary School Group)

Monthly Rate: $129

This monthly pricing model translates to $15 per 45 minute class, a testament to our belief in affordable and quality swim education for our young swimmers. With a maximum of four swimmers per lane, we ensure focused attention and personalized instruction.

Firecrackers (Elementary to Middle School Group)

Monthly Rate: $138

The Firecrackers group represent the next stages in our swimmers' journey. The monthly fee, equivalent to $16 per 1 hour class, reflects the advanced level of coaching, the individual attention each swimmer receives, and the progression of skills taught at these levels.

Dynamite (Middle School to High School Group)

Monthly Rate: $138


The Dynamite group is perfect for middle to high school swimmers seeking flexibility in their schedule. Choose from 2, 4, or 5 times a week options, each session lasting an hour. This group focuses on advanced swimming techniques, speed, and endurance, preparing swimmers for competitive events. Each class costs $16, making the monthly rate $138. Join the Dynamite group and take your swimming to the next level, all while balancing your time effectively.

Atomic Bombers (High School Group)

Monthly Rate: $449

As the pinnacle of our swim groups, the Atomic Bombers monthly rate is calculated at $21 per 2.5 hour class. This rate reflects the premium, competitive-level coaching that prepares these swimmers for elite competitions. 

Please note, all our classes maintain a maximum of four swimmers per lane to ensure personalized attention and feedback.

Prorated Pricing & Multi-Class Discounts

At Atomic Swimming, we provide prorated pricing for sessions that deviate from the standard month, such as our three-week Holiday Blast session. This way, you only pay for the exact duration of coaching you receive.

To support and reward your swimming dedication, we offer Multi-Rate Discounts across all our swim groups. When signing up for 4 or 5 sessions a week, we provide discounts for any additional 1-hour classes. This is our way of maximizing your swimming experience.

Our pricing structure is designed to ensure you get the highest value in every class. For any inquiries or further information, please reach out to us. Experience the unique blend of flexibility, commitment, and exceptional coaching with Atomic Swimming!

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