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Jamey Myers' Full Story

Beginnings in the Water

Jamey Myers' inspiring journey from the warm currents of South Georgia to founding Atomic Swimming unfolds like a captivating tale of passion, resilience, and relentless innovation. His story springs to life as a three-year-old boy stepping into the swirling waters, led by his older sisters into the enchanting world of swimming. This pursuit quickly transcended a mere hobby, becoming his passion, calling, and life.

The Tide of Triumphs

Jamey's fervor propelled him to the University of Alabama on a full scholarship. He soon emerged as a formidable force in the pool, earning the title of SEC Champion, being honored as an 11-time All-American, and leading his team as captain. Jamey's skill and dedication also carried him beyond the university walls, earning him a place among the top 25 swimmers worldwide and a slot in the Olympic Trials.

From Swimmer to Mentor

Post his successful swimming career, Jamey found his true calling: coaching. He established two elite swim teams, GCAT and SCAT. Under his expert guidance, SCAT achieved multiple State championships and triumphed in the USA Swimming Open Water National Championships. This demonstrated Jamey's exceptional coaching prowess, earning him the accolade of Georgia Senior Coach of the Year. Jamey's dedicated mentorship has also guided many individual athletes towards impressive achievements, including 100's of state champions several Junior National Champions and multiple Olympic Trial qualifications. These accolades speak volumes of Jamey's commitment, expertise, and the remarkable impact he has on his athletes.

Navigating the Waves of Change

However, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic thrust unexpected challenges in Jamey's path, forcing him to take a break from poolside coaching. Undeterred, he channeled his unwavering passion for health and wellness into launching Laboratory Fitness a groundbreaking health and wellness center. Jamey embraced his new role as a certified health coach, remaining committed to enhancing lives, even away from the pool.

The Dawn of Atomic Swimming

As the world began its recovery, Jamey felt the irresistible pull of the pool once more. The energy, thrill, and gratification of coaching drew him back. But Jamey didn't simply aim to return to his old ways. He saw an opportunity to revolutionize swimming coaching, to reimagine the very essence of a swim team.

Guided by this vision, Jamey founded Atomic Swimming, an innovative coaching model underpinned by the Atomic Swimming Method (ASM). ASM, grounded in the principles of Brent S. Rushall's Swimming Pedagogy and Stroke Development Curriculum, is a pioneering blend of techniques and strategies. It places individual needs and structured skill progression at the core of its philosophy.

Making Waves in the Present

Today, Jamey stands at the helm of Atomic Swimming, embodying his lifelong love for swimming and unwavering commitment to his athletes. As he spearheads this thrilling new chapter, he invites you to join him. Dive into Atomic Swimming, make your own waves, and exceed your potential under Jamey's expert guidance. Experience the revolution he's crafted in the world of swimming, and become a part of Jamey Myers' continuing story.

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