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ASM Method

The Atomic Swimming Method

Atomic Swimming isn’t just a swim team — it's a comprehensive approach to swim coaching that revolutionizes traditional methods. Our methodology combines the latest technology, cutting-edge training philosophies, and small group sizes to ensure each swimmer experiences a level of coaching quality that is second to none.

Small Groups - Big Impact

At Atomic Swimming, we firmly believe in the power of small groups. Limiting our swim teams to a maximum of four swimmers per lane allows us to provide the individualized attention that each swimmer deserves. In this environment, each swimmer's progress is closely monitored, allowing for immediate error correction, efficient learning, and the acceleration of skill mastery.

Immediate Feedback - Instant Improvements

We have designed our approach to harness the benefits of immediate feedback. We incorporate daily video analysis, both above and underwater, and use water headsets to provide real-time, in-water communication. This direct line between coach and swimmer during training sessions is crucial to our practice. We capitalize on the 'time dilation effect,' where learning and feedback absorption are most effective in the immediate aftermath of an action. This timely feedback promotes swift progress and superior results.

Brent Rushall's Swimming Pedagogy

We also incorporate principles from Brent Rushall's Swimming Pedagogy. This teaching philosophy emphasizes the value of learning from mistakes and creating a supportive, positive environment where swimmers can take risks, make mistakes, and continually improve their techniques.

Professional, Elite Coaching

Our coaches aren't just any coaches. Each session is led by a professional, elite-level swimmer with Division I experience, bringing a depth of insight and practical experience to their coaching roles. This elevated level of coaching expertise isn’t the standard — it's the Atomic Swimming difference.

A Holistic Approach

At Atomic Swimming, we understand that being a great swimmer extends beyond physical prowess. It's about cultivating a resilient mindset, developing self-discipline, fostering a spirit of teamwork, and evolving as an individual. Our coaching approach is, therefore, holistic, aiming to develop well-rounded athletes both in and out of the pool. Atomic Swimming isn’t just about swimming — it's about growing, learning, and achieving greatness.

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