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Our Principles

Individual Personal Training Sessions

For those seeking a more personalized coaching experience, we offer individual personal training sessions. Work one-on-one with our experienced coaches to focus on specific areas, develop individualized strategies, and reach your swimming goals faster.

Whether you're taking your first strokes or dreaming of championship gold, Atomic Swimming has a program for you. Each of our offerings reflects our commitment to fostering a love for swimming, encouraging continuous improvement, and providing a supportive, motivating environment. So dive in and experience the Atomic Swimming difference!

Weekend Camps and Clinics

Keep your technique sharp and your passion alive with our weekend camps and clinics. These sessions offer intensive, focused training that can help swimmers of all levels refine their skills and gain a competitive edge. They are particularly beneficial for high school swimmers looking to maintain their technique during off-seasons or between regular training sessions.

Coach Jamey Myers

The journey of Jamey Myers from the tranquil waters of Southern Georgia to the founding of Atomic Swimming is one of enduring passion, unyielding dedication, and boundless innovation. His story begins as a three-year-old, trailing his older sisters into the aquatic world, a pursuit that would grow into a lifelong devotion.

Immersed in the love for swimming from a tender age, Jamey's talent and commitment carried him to the University of Alabama on a scholarship. Here, his swimming prowess came to the fore as he led his team as the captain, becoming an SEC Champion, and earned the title of an 11-time All-American.

Post-graduation, Jamey chose to further his education, dabbling in coaching alongside his studies. What initially began as a sideline quickly turned into a passion as profound as his love for swimming itself. Despite initial apprehensions from his parents, Jamey decided to take the plunge and become a full-time coach, marking the start of a fulfilling and rewarding journey.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought an unexpected hiatus to Jamey's poolside coaching. However, far from diminishing his spirit, it added fuel to his ambition. As the world gradually recovers, Jamey has decided to return to what he loves most - coaching - but this time with a renewed focus on individual and small group instruction.

Now, as the founder of Atomic Swimming, Jamey stands ready to share his knowledge, passion, and unique coaching style. His love for the sport and commitment to his athletes remains as strong as ever. He eagerly awaits the opportunity to meet you poolside, to guide, inspire, and help you exceed your potential. Welcome to the Atomic Swimming journey with Jamey!


Background and Experience

Swimming Experience

  • SEC Champion at The University of Alabama

  • 11-time All-American at The University of Alabama

  • Voted Team Captain at The University of Alabama

  • Ranked top 25 in the world

  • Olympic Trial Qualifier

  • National and international swim experience

Coaching Experience

  • 30 years of coaching experience

  • Swimmers qualify at the National, Regional, and State levels

  • 100's of state champions

  • 2 Junior National Champions


  • Voted Georgia Senior Coach of the year

  • Guided SCAT to team State Championship title

  • Guided SCAT to USA swimming open water national team title

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